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What our customers say....

Steve and Sarah are a great team to work with. A benefit for me is that they are happy to organise subcontractors and other suppliers without me having to spend time sourcing all this myself. I also like their annual "check ups" It is a really good way to make sure the day to day maintenance and upkeep is undertaken on our buildings regularly. This can save costs in the long term by catching little problems before they turn into big issues.
On occasion I have needed someone on site in a hurry to check out a problem. They are always happy to help and have even come in at the weekend in response to a break in, to secure the building for me.


Being an overseas owner, we needed to be able to trust the information we were being given (Project Management) as well as have faith in the builder who was undertaking the work. We got both of this with S & S Builders. The advice was excellent and the quality of the work exceeded our expectations.

Penny Archer